Neon hair: how to manage the roots and steps to get back to your original color

Did you dye your hair neon following Kim K or Nicki Minaj this summer?  Now that it’s almost winter you’re probably looking to learn how to manage the roots or steps to get back to your original color. Or maybe you’re feeling inspired to brighten up things now that the warm weather is over. Either it’s important to know how to best get in and out of a neon – or any hair color! – situation. With that in mind I spoke with Johannie Jacquitte, hair artist at KARMA by Erwin Gomez, for her best tips. Halloween is coming up after-all…

First off, what’s the best way to approach coloring your hair neon?

For a modern approach, the best way to manage your roots is to create a neon look that starts away from your scalp with either a soft ombre or a shadow root and the color for your roots should include a pure pigment that is in the same color family of your neon color. Wella Koleston Perfect allows professional colorists to achieve great coverage while adding a hue of a fashion shade in one step.

What if you choose choose to color your hair with a neon color starting at the scalp?

Be conscious of the maintenance required. Every four to six weeks, you will need to lighten your root area and then deposit the neon color. On a average, this type of appointment takes about double the length of a regular root touch up.

Now let’s say you’re sick of the color… what do you do?

The steps needed for getting back toward your natural color varies upon how intense and/or dark the neon color is and what the original color was. If your original color was light brown to dark brown, it will be much easier to get back to your natural color with less steps involved. If your original hair color was dark blonde to light blonde, be prepared for a few long visits to the salon and expect to start off a little bit darker than you were before the neon.

Expert tip: When going back to your original color, keep depositing your original hair color between root touch up appointments with glosses or ask your stylist if the salon carries Wella Color Fresh, an easy-to-use color refresher that you can apply at home and has the added bonus of making the hair feel softer and healthier after use.

Image: Teen Vogue

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