Neutrogena Foot Cream: Soft as a Baby’s Bottom


With so much concentration on beautifying our faces, let’s not forget to beautify our feet. Especially in the midst of summer our precious little peds could use some extra attention. Between strappy sandals, open-toed stilletoes, and flip-flops, they sure take a beating. And drugstore-accessible brand Neutrogena is, hands down (no pun intended), an expert for our battered feet.

Neutrogena Foot Cream, rich in glycerin, nourishes and softens even the toughest, roughest feet. Its concentrated formula lasts more than 17 hours to keep them looking and feeling silky smooth. It alleviates even the deepest heel cracks and does wonders on calluses (but, of course, none of us have those!!). A dab every night at bedtime adds that much-needed moisture and makes even the driest feet worthy of Cinderella’s slipper. On for (only!) $4.39.

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  1. October 31, 2011 / 8:28 am

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