The new crop of superfood-infused beauty products

Superfood is a vague term that isn’t regulated so one could conceivably claim that sugar-filled truffles that are high in saturated fat and calories are superfoods just as much as someone can say it about turmeric. Be mindful when reading marketing claims! That said there’s no denying the enormous interest in eating superfoods – and in applying them topically. And for good reason!
Many ingredients can work wonders (if you’re curious to start experimenting adding spirulina to your smoothie or dessert – like a date ball – is, in my opinion, the best place to start). While I’ve long been very interested in eating so-called superfoods it’s only now that I’m trying to have a baby, and it’s not going as easy as I would wish, that I’m also very interested in what I’m applying topically. Having a product that helps me stay clear and wrinkle-free is no longer enough.
I’m clearly not alone. Sephora even has a Superfood searcher on their website now! Elemis has also just launched a Superfood Skincare Range… I love their products and am actually going to their London spa next week so I can’t wait to dive deeper into the new range. It’s 100% vegan-friendly and loaded with antioxidant-rich greens and grains, all of which are also high in omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. The line includes a facial wash, day cream, night  cream, and face oil ($25-55).
Crop Natural is another brand that has caught my attention. It’s an Aussie founded natural skincare line and their star product is an organic  Purifying Turmeric Mask. The research on this is still not extensive enough, but many experts say that the same inflammation properties that make turmeric a great addition to our diet, can also work wonder on skin. Maybe it’s because I have baby fever at the moment, but what caught my eye is their adorable Junior Line. It’s made with organic ingredients and “pure” enough to use even on newborns.
Lastly Youth to the People is also worth singling out. They take the RXBAR approach and list their ingredients on their packaging and the brand was inspired by the cold pressed juice trend. The idea is to make products that are basically smoothies/juices for your skin. Everything in the line is vegan, made using cold pressed superfood extracts (so they’re as high as possible in nutrients), and produced in California. Love their packaging!
Image: Teen Vogue 

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