New indie beauty brands you need to know about

Hormone fluctuations have made me, for the most part, loyal to my beloved Dr. Dennis Gross products, but there have been a few notable exceptions that have caught my eye. Here are three standout new beauty brands.

Krisana Vigus

The brand was inspired by a difficult time in the founder’s life – when Krisana Vigus was caring for her late husband during his battle with MLC cancer his skin became increasingly painful and raw. Nothing worked that was both chemical-free and effective so, inspired by her childhood in Thailand, she went to the drawing board and created her own line. This is a great line for anyone looking for a natural pick.

Makeup Eraser

Not only is Makeup Eraser better for the environment – but better for your wallet. I have to credit my husband for getting me to buy one of these reusable clothes. It was driving him crazy to see our bathroom trashcan constantly overflowing with wipes and tissues. This double-sided cloth removes makeup on one side and exfoliates on the other. If you wear makeup every day you’ll need a few of them (since you need to machine wash), but they work great. Note, I don’t use the exfoliating side as I prefer chemical exfoliation (which all the dermatologist I trust say is more effective). The brand also now has kits, pictured above, that come with a hair tie.

TokyoMilk by Margot Elena

I found out about this brand via a friend who was wearing one of TokyoMilk by Margot Elena‘s fragrances. When I asked her what it was she said “Dead Sexy,” and I was immediately intrigued to Google the brand. The brand gives me Maison Francis Kurkdjian vibes (which is obviously a good thing). They make fragrances, bath and body products, as well as candles, lip balm and a few other products.

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