The new korean beauty trends you need to know about

We’re always going to have our La Mer and Vichy, but there’s no question that Koran beauty – whether at the luxury or at the drug store price point – will continue to expand its influence. The Korean level of innovation in both skincare and makeup is just to insane!

“K Beauty is not just about the wow-factor, but we are noticing products moving in a cleaner direction,” says plastic surgeon Dr. John Diaz. “With online retailers like, which focuses on clean Korean beauty products, helping push forward this movement.”
In tandem with that Dr. Diaz singles out a rise in clean ingredients in Korean beauty products like Chaga Mushroom and Tremulla Mushroom, which offer tons of nourishment and hydration to the skin. “Another mega nourisher is Cactus offering firm and hydrated skin.” Of course you can’t think of K beauty and not think of sheet masks! “We are noticing not only even better and more powerful masks, but also with prints of emojis and characters on the outside to add a wow factor while masking,” says Dr. Diaz.
As for makeup the big trend according to Dr. Diaz are lip powders that begin as a powder, but end up creamy and smooth on the lips. Curious? Curious? Click here

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