New York Natives x Warby Parker: Helping Students See in Style

Buying chic eyewear has never felt so good. No, really! Warby Parker just collaborated with some of New York’s most iconic names to release a project that aids people in looking stylish, sophisticated and makes the world a better place. The Pupils Project program is giving free vision screenings, eye exams and glasses to New York and Baltimore students in need of glasses. Of the 1.1 million students in New York City, over 200,000 of them don’t have access to  glasses they need. People like Lena Dunham, Gloria Steinem and Michael K. Williams have joined forces with Warby Parker CEO’s Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal to design their own special design of glasses for shoppers to buy, which will give back to those in need and we are captivated by the line. Best part? 100% of the proceeds go to Pupils Project! Who doesn’t love a good charity/fashion combo?

In a world where our education system is whacky, it’s comforting to see those who contribute their time to a portion of the problem. The collection’s price point is astounding and makes us want to stock up on all of these pairs! The line offers both sunglasses and eyeglasses (Bonus: prescription’s included!)

Help these students get the eye care that they deserve. Shop the Warby Parker x Pupils Project below!

Hadley by Iman (available from $145)


Hewitt by Mary-Louise Parker (available for $95)


Tate by Chloë Sevigny (available for $145)


Wakerfield by Gloria Steinem (available for $145)


Essex by Rosario Dawson (available for $95)


Avery by Michael K. Williams (available for $145)

Corbin by Nikolai Fraiture (available for $95)


Sibley by Humberto Leon (available for $95)


Nancy by Lena Dunham (available for $95)


Percey Wide by Fran Lebowitz (available for $95)

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