Worst of New York Fashion Week- Fall ’06

If beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, these following designers need to get their eyes checked.

Luca Luca

luca luca.jpgluca 2.jpg

Biggest loser of the week is Luca Orlandi. We loved the feminine dresses in his last collection but for fall he showed models with shapeless bodies and bland faces which didn’t help his equally bland, yawn inducing collection.

Micahel Kors

rugby striped dress.jpgrugby stripes.jpg

We are truly disappointed with Michael Kors, being fans of his previous collections. His fall vision was a mish mash of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger discards. Someone forgot to memo Michael- rugby stripes only look hot if you are an eighteen year old male model for Polo.

Kate Hudson

kate hudson eaten by wild animal.jpg

Just for fun, we took a peek at Donatella’s private party for the Versace store opening and were horrifed to find out that Kate Hudson had been eaten by a pack of wolves.

That’s it for Fashion week in New York, we can’t wait to see European designers’ take on the season. Stay tuned!


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