Newfangled Bangs in Milan

Backstage at Prada RTW Spring 2016

Bangs (whether long, fringe, or short and choppy) were big on the runways in New York, London and Milan this season, but leave it to Prada to come out with a unique take – side bangs. The look was aptly conceived to be “simple but extreme,” according to hairstylist extraordinaire Guido Palau. I loved this. It’s graphic and bold without being overpowering, though admittedly, I liked it considerably less when I heard that the bangs were inspired by English skinhead hairstyles of the Seventies…don’t all skinheads just have shaved heads?! I guess Prada has taught me something new! To create the side bangs, Palau took bits of hair and used Redken’s Hardwar 16 Gelicon (at Ulta for $17) and Triple Take Hairspray 32 (at Ulta for $22) to hold them in place. Bangs can be great, but the maintenance not so much. With the right outfit, however – say a floor-length, fitted black gown – this look could actually work well, providing both a bold touch and the convenience of having your hair out of your face.

What do you think? Do you think this could translate off the runway?

Image: WWD

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