Gift Guide for the Newlyweds: His, Hers, Theirs


I don’t know about you but I attended 14 weddings last year, and just about as many baby showers this year (my friends got BUSY!).

So what to get the newlywed couple who seems to have everything between wedding and baby shower gifts?! This is an actual dilemma of mine- and yes I thought about going on their wedding registry and buying what they didn’t receive but that’s not very exciting. I remember being a newlywed and new mother (in a new city on top of it!)- all I wanted was to be pampered, in Hawaii or anywhere there wasn’t a kitchen full of baby bottles! Forget getting presents for myself, everything was for the home or the baby.

So, for the newlywed and new parents – here are gifts that will (literally) whisk them away!

FORTY FIVE TEN X FOSSIL Rose Gold Dial Watch (on Farfetch for $495): Couples dressing alike is actually a thing in Japan. People take it very seriously. But if your bestie is not up to twinning head to toe with her partner, get them a set of matching watches. I love Forty Five Ten’s collection of limited edition watches with exotic skin straps. They look money but are under $500.

Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Oil (at Neiman Marcus for $160)

Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Mask (at Neiman Marcus for $110): A good night’s sleep is hard to come by, a clear complexion even more difficult. Natura Bisse’s magical overnight mask treatment will give new mommies skin like their newborns!

Raden A50 Set (on for $595): I traveled with a set of Raden luggage all summer and it saved me many times, including on the train ride to Venice from Florence!

Mary Katrantzou Diaper Bag and Pouch (on The Tot for $1,700): New mamas will tell you the hardest thing to find after having a baby is a chic diaper bag! Mary Katrantzou solves the problem with this super chic diaper bag in her signature high fashion prints. When the baby grows out of it, she will still love using it for herself.

Del Toro Custom Slippers (at Del Toro for $495): Forget stilettos when you’re a new mom, a chic pair of flats are just what she needs to look stylish yet practical for toting her precious babe around.


FORTY FIVE TEN X FOSSIL Black Dial Watch (on Farfetch for $495): There are so many fun options in this watch! I love the black on black for men, though they can certainly share.

UE BOOM 2 (at Target for $199): When new dads have a weekend afternoon free from baby duties, they’re at the golf course. (I know this from experience!) Treat them to the UE Boom 2 so they can pump their tunes before they’re called back to hold the baby so mommy can pee (I had a friend who did this, no joke!)

ASSOULINE The Bad Boy Collection (at ASSOULINE for $1,750): Even if dads can’t be bad boys after marriage and kids, they can still live vicariously through this set of beautifully bound books from Assouline.

Ex Nihilio Custom Fragrance (at Bergdorf Goodman for $350): We forget to pamper dads when babies are born. Ex Nihilio’s custom fragrance will do just that.

Trunk Club Personal Stylist: This will take the guessing game out of dressing for your buddy who just married a fashionista! New outfits show up at his door in his size and favorite colors. A man’s dream!


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  1. Eleanor
    December 19, 2016 / 12:12 am

    Love the luggage!

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