Nina Ricci Irrisor Bag: The Shape of Things to Come


* Nina Ricci’s new Irrisor bag comes in three sizes and seven colors. Which will you choose?
* Read on to find out the best way to carry each style!

I never thought a flat bag would appeal to me. After all, structure and interesting details are both literally and figuratively what give an accessory depth. But after lugging one heavy bag after another dangling with silly nonsense, I found myself seeking a sleek bag that packs well, is easy to store, and won’t cause my shoulders to slump in awkward discomfort for the summer. Conveniently enough, Guillaume Henry had exactly the same idea in mind. His latest design for the House of Nina Ricci, the Irrisoricon tote, is about as simple and clean as a bag can get. And lightweight to boot. Elongated handles and shape with slightly curved edges, the classic tote gets a modern yet feminine update.  In comparison to fur balls, eye balls, and monsters (all of which I still adore), this is a pleasantly sophisticated alternative. But is it practical? Mais, oui! I tested out all three sizes of Nina Ricci’s new shape and discovered endless possibilities for the most versatile tote of the season. Here’s how I’ll be carrying each size…

For Day
The lightweight medium size fits my iPhone and MacBook perfectly. It’s like a laptop sleeve with handles. There’s also an interior pocket so that my iPhone won’t get scratched banging on the MacBook (Yes, I think about these things). Dimensions: 12″ w x 15” h. From $850 and up here..

For Night
The small size just begs to be taken out on the town on casual summer nights when your crystal-embellished hard case clutch feels awkward. Walking into a party with a brightly colored flat bag swinging on your arm or shoulder shows that you’re cocktail savvy, a quality that gives you the ability to roam around with rosé and hors d’oeuvres in hand all night (both of which are essentials, of course). More about styling this bag in Part Deux this weekend. Dimensions: 10″ w x 13″ h. From $690 and up.

For Weekends or Travel
I love the large size! Thanks to a hidden gusset on the bottom that allows the bag to expand, this weekender holds everything you actually need without any of the bulk. I recently took it to the movies after a day by the pool; I had a change of clothes for my son, my trusty Hermés cashmere shawl (it’s always freezing indoors during the summer months), and multiple snacks – because I am Chinese and in case of emergency, never leave the house without enough food for two. Dimensions: 16” w x 15” h. From $1150 and up.

See more Nina Ricci Irrisor Bags at Barneys New Yorkicon.

Nina Ricci Irrisor Bag
I have my laptop in the medium size day tote, can you tell? I went to lunch like this, excused myself to the ladies’ room to respond to an urgent issue that the iPhone could not handle, and no one was the wiser. In case you’re wondering, I am wearing Rosie Assoulin topicon, House of Holland jeansicon, and the London denim platform sandals from Michael Kors (sorry it’s sold out).

Nina Ricci Irrisor Bag

The best part about the Irrisor bags? You can nest them when you travel! These are literally the only three bags you need for any vacation, whether it be a weekend in the Hamptons or a cross-country road trip (Do people still take those? My best childhood memories were made in the back of my aunt’s station wagon with my cousins as we zigzagged across the United States of the beautiful country, aka what we Chinese call America).

Nina Ricci Irrisor Bag

The large size is perfect for traveling. It slides easily on your luggage or carry on and is so flat that I bet cranky ground crew won’t even notice you have an extra bag stashed.

Nina Ricci Irrisor Bag

This is Elaphe skin, a breed of rat snakes. Rat snake is not a chic name for such a pretty skin, so let’s just keep calling it Elaphe.

Nina Ricci Irrisor Bag

If you live in a small space, Irrisor bags make for great decor. You can hang them on anything: trees, walls, backs of doors, chandeliers…whatever your heart desires.


Nina Ricci Irrisor Bag

The large size comes with a hidden gusset so you can throw everything in, including the kitchen sink (sorry, I know it’s everything but the kitchen sink, but the thought of having my kitchen sink with me at all times is so appealing and amazing).

Nina Ricci Irrisor Bag

The day tote is perfect for my MacBook. It’s like a laptop sleeve with handles and hidden pockets.

Nina Ricci Irrisor Bag

My initials stamped on the back of the tote. Nina Ricci always goes the extra mile in personalization, which makes their pieces that much more special.

Photos: Scot and Kristi Redman 

In partnership with Nina Ricci and Barneys New York.


  1. Barbara k
    June 24, 2016 / 9:23 am

    Great colors and style! Was wondering when y’all were going to start posting.

  2. June 25, 2016 / 9:48 pm

    Simply stunning! love the outfit!

  3. June 26, 2016 / 9:13 pm

    very beautiful , you are absolutely fantastic

  4. June 29, 2016 / 7:03 am

    The Bags Looks Fabulous .Color and design of bags made the entire post outstanding.
    Similar to Our Giftbag patterns. That we at The Gadget Spot, deploy on Our Bags & Gadgets.

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