Nina Ricci Parachute Dress: Get Carried Away


The right piece of clothing can conjure up the most unrealistic of images: this breezy, gathered dress instantly made me envision running through a field of daffodils with my hair whipping back in the wind and the voluminous skirt billowing around me. Good couture is fantasy (although, I guess if I really wanted to skip in a meadow, no one is stopping me!).

Nina Ricci hadn’t crossed my mind since Olivier made his exit, but this bright yellow number is telling me to start paying attention again. Peter Copping had tough shoes to fill, but he did right by keeping his head down and doing his thing. And now we’re seeing the sunny results. This frothy dress looks feather-light, but it has a deceptively firm foundation. Boning below the gathers and folds of acid-yellow silk give it form-complimenting stability, and I adore the flourish of ribbons at the shoulders. I can’t wait to wear this dress and let my imagination run wild! At Barneys New York for $1,650.

Pair with: A touch of green will serve as the stem to your daffodil. Just a sprinkling, via Kara Ross‘ sterling silver chyrophrase bracelet does the trick without going color-crazy. On Net-a-Porter for $1,345.


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