No.2 toilet paper is a thing and here’s why you might want to try it

I’ll admit that what caught my eye when I first heard about No.2 toilet paper is that I thought what could make toilet paper “number 2” specific? Turns out that’s not the idea of No. 2. (Sorry to disappoint!) The first thing I noticed about the brand is the cool, popping patterns of the packaging ($34 for 24 rolls – if you do a subscription you can save a few bucks on the rolls). But that still didn’t explain the name or the premium price. Turns out the hook here – and for a growing number of toilet paper brands looking to be the alternative to your run-of-the-mill Charmin – is the sustainability angle.

I came to learn that last year the Natural Resources Defense Council gave toilet paper an F rating for sustainability. You don’t need to be a genius to have guessed it. All that paper is obviously bad for the environment (not to mention plumbing) and it would arguably be more effective (and certainly 100000% times better for the planet) if bidets were more standard in America. So that’s where companies like No. 2 come in with better-for-the-environment, Instagram-friendly 100% sustainably sourced bamboo toilet paper. They also claim to have less chemicals in the paper, which as I’ve mentioned before, is very important to me as I struggle through round after round of IVF. It’s sold plastic free.

I tried a roll and it has good thickness and softness. I only wish I could somehow keep the outer packaging on the roll the whole time! The bottom line for me is that we can no longer be oblivious to what’s happening around us and we have to stop assuming that just because something is sold on a shelve it’s safe. Change isn’t easy, but small tweaks are and, at least for me, this one seems to be a no-brainer.

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