Non-cheesy valentine’s day finds you’ll love

When I was dating I was obsessed with Valentine’s Day. It was always a  “test” for whatever guy I was dating at the time. Would he step up or would this be the end of the relationship? Now that I’ve been married for a few years I would honestly forget about the day all-together were I not reminded on every corner. While I care more about my husband showing me love throughout the year versus on one specific day, I loooove hearts. I love chocolate. I love flowers. I love all the things associated with Valentine’s Day, which is why I mostly now see the “holiday” as a way to indulge in all those things  pretty much all women love (and we don’t need a man for it!). Below are some finds that I’ve been obsessing over. They all, in my opinion, make wonderful gifts for a lover, a friend, or yourself.

Brownie Points

Ohio-based Brownie Points (pictured above) makes the best brownies I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously. SO.GOOD. They look like they would be headache-inducingly sweet, but they’re actually not. They also make popcorn and pretzel-based sweets and they have a long list of options for ready-to-gift baskets. They ship nationwide and everything can be frozen. I’ve frozen a few of the brownies and I actually think they taste better frozen (just give them a few minutes).

Venus et Fleur

As far as “forever” roses go, there’s no beating Venus et Fleur when it comes to looks, selection, and how long they last (which is way more than the guaranteed year if you store them properly). These flowers require no water and no upkeep (just keep them out of the sun) and for Valentine’s Day they have these gorgeous canvas and leather trunks with keepsake drawers.

La Maison du Chocolat

For the traditional route, La Maison du Chocolat has a long list of options, but I’m personally obsessed with their hat boxes which you can customize with your choice of sweets including chocolate-covered fruits, boozy truffles, ganaches, pralinés, and truffles.

Beach Riot has a bunch of different love-themed active and swim pieces and I think they’re all tasteful despite the kitschy prints. I’m still deciding on whether to get the above one or this one.

I bought these Only Hearts pants on Shopbop and I’m obsessed with how cozy they are. They’re not the sexy lingerie most people associate with Valentine’s Day, but for winter they’re perfect.

Who doesn’t love some Chanel bling?

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