Kitchen items to stock up on for quarantine

I’ve been in quarantine since early March and staying healthy when you’re home is NOT easy! What is easy is eating out of boredom and/or stress. One thing I’ve found to be helpful is before eating, I ask myself “would I eat an apple if that was all I had?” If the answer is “no” I’m not really hungry, but rather emotionally eating. If I have a specific thing I want to eat in mind (ie a craving), I tell myself if I still want it in 30 minutes, I can have it.

Nonetheless keeping a fully stocked fridge, freezer and pantry are important (note – that does not mean hoarding!).

There are two services I’m loving Misfits Market, which delivers produce for 40% less than most grocery stores. They also send pantry staples. Their good prices come from the fact that their produce are slightly “misshapen.” The quality is top notch and better than most standard grocery stores, however. Splendid Spoon is another great delivery option for those of us who don’t love to cook and are looking for healthy options. They deliver plant-based smoothies, soups and grains bowls, all of which are low in sugar.

I don’t usually eat a ton of cereal, but in these times I think it’s helpful to have a few healthy options on hand. I love Barbara’s because they have a  bunch of lower sugar and higher fiber options that still taste good (other options might be “healthier,” but I find they usually taste like cardboard and end up in my garbage).

I also have been keeping frozen veggies. I don’t like canned because they’re usually loaded in sodium and preservative. Unsweetened apple sauce is also great as are bouillon cubes/bone broth (can be frozen) and noodles for soup and pasta as well as canned tomato sauce/other sauces. Dried fruit, jams, nut butters, quinoa (or any grain you like), oat flakes, seeds, and shelf-stable milk or milk alternatives are also, in my experience of being stuck at home, essential. Condiments and sauces for grains (like teriyaki) are helpful as well as are cheeses that last long like cream cheese. In my freezer I also have frozen pizza crust, bread, bagels fruit, popsicles and for meat-eaters freezing some meat is also a good idea. For kids, Jolly Llama is delicious for a treat – not low in fat, calories, or sugar, but they make some of the best tasting dairy-free options I’ve tried (the sorbet options are lower in sugar and calories, are fat-free, and made with real fruit though they also have quite a bit of added sugar).

For those that bake make sure to be stocked in eggs, flour, and sugar. I love Lily’s Sweets to sweeten my baked goods. Lastly, coffee! I swear by my Nespresso, but those capsules are very wasteful (there are reusable options that you can pop in but I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never tried them). I’ve loaded up on capsules, but for those that don’t have a machine, don’t forget to stock up on your favorite coffee.

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