Noritaka Tatehana Night Maker Shoes: Fall Head Over Heels

And now I present you with the most bizarre shoes of the week! A walking oxy moron of sorts, this is the highest heel-without-a-heel that you could possibly attempt to saunter in. Pick your poison: minimalist black or white grained leather, and that’s about the only minimal thing about them. Raising you up a colossal 10.5”, this heel-less bootie props you on a platform of 6”, which is higher than most of our loftiest platforms.

Purchasing these Noritaka Tatehana creations, engineered for Gaga’s Workshop (who else but the reigning lady of wacky, fearless fashion?) at Barneys, the Night Maker boots will also set you back a hefty sum. Over four grand to risk breaking your ankle? While it would be an amusing experiment to see yourself nearly a foot taller, at this price, I would think these platforms come with a personal valet to hold you while you walk.

At Barneys New York in black and white for $4,100.

Pair with: Dauntless “little monsters” should be willing to go all out with the Schott NYC motorcycle jacket. With a pair of ripped fishnets and a bodysuit, you’ll be all good to go in trademark Gaga style!

At Barneys New York for $625.

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