Olivia Palermo’s Stripes on Stripes: Jump in the Lines


Pairing stripes with more stripes is an endeavor that not every Snob could pull off, but this is Olivia Palermo, front row fixture extraordinaire, and it’s not her first time dressing outside the lines – or in this case, in them. Personally, I love the look, even with mismatched stripes. Choosing to go vertical rather than horizontal is a smart move when both a top and bottom are involved, especially when said bottom is a wide-legged trouser like this one. That adds extra height to Ms. Palermo’s petite frame (as do her strappy Schutz sandals), and creates a feeling of coordination, even if the pieces weren’t originally made to be worn together. Now if only she would share the secrets to nabbing a model husband…


Polo Ralph Lauren Kylie Striped Shirt (on StyleBop.com for $72, from $145), Topshop Slouchy Striped Trousers (at Topshop for $70)


Dior ‘So Real’ 48mm Sunglasses (at Nordstrom for $495)


Steven Rykie Single Band Sandals (on Shopbop for $109)

Photo Credit: Tommy Ton

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