Olympia Le-Tan Globe Clutch: Sittin’ On Top of the World

Olympia Le-Tan Globe Clutch

When it comes to the quirky and whimsical (and at times wacky), Charlotteicon may be the most famous, but she isn’t the only Olympia in the game. Like her kitsch-conscious contemporary, Olympia Le-Tan knows one need not take oneself too seriously, especially if one wants to have any fun. Unlike Charlotte, Ms. Le-Tan has a very public appreciation of literature and, as she’s proving, geography, too. The French designer who put literal book bags on the map has looked to, well, the map for her latest inspiration.

This perfectly round Globe clutch is as unexpected as it is instantly endearing. Not to mention educational! But just because this bag encompasses every continent, don’t think it can hold all your belongings. Granted, it really doesn’t hold much of anything, but come on, what else do I need when I’ve got the whole world in my hand?! On Farfetchicon for $3,899.

I paired the fanciful clutch with a bold pair of Dior sunglassesicon and a top-and-shorts combo worthy of the Riviera by another rising French label: Jacquemusicon does summer stripes right. Similar Jacquemus styles and similar Dior sunglass styles available on Farfetch.

Olympia Le-Tan Globe Clutch

Olympia Le-Tan Globe Clutch

Photo credit: Kristi and Scot Redman

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  1. Connie
    May 22, 2015 / 2:25 pm

    this is the most adorable outfit

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