Opening Ceremony Seamed Mini-Dress: What you see is not what you get

I ordered this seemingly cool dress late one night and was sure it would be amazing. (Hello, it’s from Opening Ceremony, ‘nuff said.) But apparently this isn’t always the case. Turns out, this was one of the worst online purchases I’ve ever made.

The minute I took the garment out of the box, I knew something was wrong. The material was like that of the cheap (unlined!) upholstery cloth used for cheap motel bedspreads. (Not that I have much experience there.) And the cut was way too large for an Opening Ceremony size 0. (I do have experience here- I have half a dozen of their dresses.) I sat staring blankly at this disappointment wondering, what’s happening here?

Completely disheartened I repacked the box and sent it right back. This mini-dress is the complete opposite of all the reasons I love Opening Ceremony- fashion styles, good quality, and great prices. I worry this is the beginning of the end. When they were new and trying to carve their niche, no attention to detail was spared. But now, it looks like they’re using the same mass manufacturers as Walmart. I suppose I will have think twice before I click “purchase” next time.

On Shopbop for $485

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  1. Helena
    March 12, 2012 / 11:48 am

    I am so glad you said something. I never got the hype of Opening Ceremony and always found their goods to be overpriced and of low quality.

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