Organic Avenue Launches Nationwide Delivery and Tea, Coffee, Hot Soups and More

Organic Avenue Launches Nationwide Delivery of Tea, Coffee, Hot Soups and More

Organic Avenue has come a long way since its green juice and LOVE cleanse only days. I stopped by a few days ago and was shocked to find how much they had to offer including organic vegan hot and cold wraps, grain bowls, hot and cold soups (word is that soup cleanses are the new juice cleanses…), oatmeal with superfood toppings, fermented veggies, and most surprisingly coffee and loose tea blends for hot teas as well as bottled iced teas. The timing couldn’t be more perfect because I’ve caught the bug going around NYC…I’ve had the sniffles for almost 10 days (usually they go away after three), so I’ve been looking to load up on healthful eats and teas after an extended Jew holiday food binge (rugelach, babka, challah…so hard to say no!). Organic Avenue’s tea blends are awesome (looking at their tea bags you can see that they’re not made from cheap little scraps), as is their Coconut Mylk (a mix of coconut water and milk). Food-wise their new dishes are pretty stellar too; if you’re looking to kickstart a healthy diet it’s pretty easy to do it here. I love their kimchi wild rice bowl; the cashews provide protein and help make it filling while the kimchi is a great source of probiotics if you’re anti-dairy like I am (dairy makes me breakout). They also have a delicious falafel dish; just note that it’s relatively high in calories and very high in fat though I’m not quite sure why looking at the ingredients list. Do bear in mind that even though some of these products are high in fat, sugar, and/or calories they’re all coming from clean ingredients. Everything is organic; nothing is artificial. 500 calories and 18 grams of sugar from candy is not the same as it is from fruit, vegetables and fresh protein. Even their desserts are delicious! And don’t forget their little jars of fermented veggies for your probiotics (necessary for a healthy gut/digestion).

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