Oscar de la Renta Studded Strap Open Toe Sandal


If it seems like I buy a lot of shoes it’s because I do.  My latest binge included this pair of fabulous Oscar de la Renta platform studded shoes.  I have always loved red shoes and buy them often.  It all started with a pair of patent red Mary Janes when I was 5 years old; my family tells me I refused to wear any other shoes that year– all photos of me were with the same bright red shoes no matter what else I was wearing (even a purple dress with princess collar, purple and red– who knew I was such a hip toddler!?).  Even at 5, I knew the power of a bright red shoe 🙂  And this bold pair has gold studs to boot!  Seriously, when Oscar de la Renta gives the nod to studs, you know it’s become a classic!  They are also really comfortable, I ran errands in them this morning and did not suffer any kind of injuries. 


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