Osmia Organics


I love Lush – I really do. Come the holidays I have to buy gifts for the countless random people who I see all the time, but don’t really know (think colorist, corner fruit guy, all the people who work in my building, etc…). The solution (at least when money is not an appropriate gift), is more often than not those ready-to-gift Lush sets. They’re so cute and fun! The problem is that a lot of the products smell very, very strongly. So strong in fact that my stomach gets a little uneasy sometimes when I find myself in one of their boutiques. As luck would have it there’s a brand that makes similarly awesome soaps, but without the intense smell. Ditto when it comes to the packaging – so, so awesome. The brand in questions is Osmia Organics and while their products don’t come in bright, colorful packages…look how chic they look?

Everything in the line is organic and handmade in small batches with a keen attention to scent (osmia means “sense of smell”). While the brand has a variety of products, it’s their soaps I’m obsessed with. Check-out their stunning, delicately scented organic soaps here!

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