Our “It” List

And here it is, the girls we love this minute. This is a coveted position so one misstep can lead you directly to our shit list. So check back to see who has fallen (and in case you are wondering, let me just make it clear that shit listers will NEVER make it on our It list no matter how many Birkins she buys off eBay).

gwen stephani.jpg

At the top of our list is our favorite rock and roll fashionista. And can we just say her hubby Gavin Rossdale is tres hot? We love Gwen and her whimsical style, although we were concerned when she expressed her artistic sensibility with pink corn rows and braces. But it looks like this holla back girl, oh wait, she ain’t no holla back girl so that would make her an ain’t no holla back girl so, anyway, whatever, her and her Harajuku girls are stepping out in style with hits on the charts and on the red carpet.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow

gwyneth 1.jpg

Talent AND style? Yes, it’s possible when you’re Gwyneth and are friends with Valentino. This former prep school girl has wowed us with her classic taste in everything from jeans to couture. She chose a classic double chained Chanel tote as her diaper bag after natural childbirth to 10 pound Apple (although we think you deserved a diamond croc Birkin for pushing out a 10 pounder). We love that she never follows trends but starts her own, like the time her Ralph Lauren suede pants ripped and she wrapped her pashmina around her waist and called it a skirt. It set off copies from wannabes everywhere and even had retailers re-cutting old pashminas and reselling them as skirts.

3. Kirsten Dunst


We love her girlish charm and the gorgeous floaty frocks she wears on the red carpet. This is a young starlet who knows how to dress her age. When she wears Chanel, it’s never the grandmotherly frumpy suits (unlike Mischa Barton, who does look like a grandmother when she wears Chanel).

4. Charlize Theron

charlize theron.jpg

When you’re blessed with good genes anything will look good on you (well, almost anything, she looked really scary in Monster). We love Charlize for always looking chic without trying too hard. She chooses soft lilacs and blues to set off her coloring and never over accessorizes like those dwarf twins.

5. Uma Thurman

uma thurman.jpg

Marc Jacob’s latest muse has had her moments of fashion faux pas but ever since she dumped the cheating idiot, she’s been shining like a rock star. We love her Louis Vuitton ads (although we are quite displeased with Louis Vuitton lately) and her 20’s glamour-puss vibe.

6. Kate Hudson

kate hudson.jpg

Speaking of rock stars, being married to one certainly has not changed this fashion girl’s appetite for couture. Taking cue from her perennially young mother, Kate always chooses well cut gowns from Chloe and Versace to flaunt the assets she inherited instead of pumping herself full of silicone.

7. Pheobe Philo

phoebe philo.jpg

Possibly the best new designer of our time, Pheobe has made huge fashion waves since she took over the reigns at Chloe. Her Paddington bags have sent women around the world in a tizzy and her feminine shirts have even make the men in our lives pant for more. She’s one of Kate Moss’ closest friends and we can see why.

8. Linda Evangelista

linda evangeli.jpg

Yeah, we know she’s aged but hey at least she’s doing it gracefully. This is one supermodel who knew when it was time to take a hike. She lived quietly with her boyfriend for 5 years without a peep until the runways begged for her return. Now she’s back and is as influential as ever in the fashion scene. Fendi named a bag after her last year, placing her in the ranks with style icons like Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly.

9. Rachel Bilson

rachel bilson1.jpg

This is one cute young actress who doesn’t get on our nerves. She is a feisty snob who is still loveable and adorable, just the way we like! She always looks fresh and cute without resorting to carrying around a pup for attention.

10. Ivanka Trump


The daughter of America’s most famous entrepreneur has become a regular on catwalks both sides of the Atlantic. She is famously independent and worked her way through school, receiving little financial assistance from her mega-wealthy parents. But we love her because she ain’t a Hilton. Enough said

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