Packing Tips: How To Maximize Space and organization in your suitcase

If you travel a lot you properly know the key is organization. I’m not good at this. I consistently throw everything in my Lipault (my fave suitcase brand because they’re lightweight and my suitcases are always borderline overweight. They’re also sold in unique colors for easy identification at baggage claim) and hope for the best when it comes to wrinkles and spillage.
Enter EzPacking.
The brand was started by a mother-son team and they make cubes to organize your suitcase by creating separate clear compartments like drawers. This helps you easily find what you packed (and limit spillage damage should you not wrap something properly…). You can pack each cube according to the type of outfit or by the day of the trip. Another benefit is that you can color coordinate the cubes to make it even easier to identify where things are. I spoke with one of the founders and he said that a lot of customers are moms traveling with their young kids in one suitcase so the cubes are really useful for keeping things orderly (especially because the see through covers make it easy to see what is inside each cube).
The cubes  also solves the wrinkles problem… When clothes are packed loose in a suitcase, they will shuffle around in transit and arrive wrinkled. By packing them in EzPacking the clothes stay compressed and don’t shuffle around in transit. Lastly – and if you’re an over-packer like myself – most importantly, the cubes help compress space (especially with bulky items) because they allow you to squeeze all the air out so your items stay confined to that limited space versus sprawl out all over the suitcase.
They say you can fit over 20 t-shirts into their medium cube and obviously the cube takes much less space than if they were packed separately. I for one plan on buying these for my next trip (my wedding in Tel Aviv and 2-week honeymoon…the cubes will be very necessary!).

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