Paddle8: The Midas Touch


I’ve been addicted to auctions ever since I started shopping on eBay in 1999. I love the thrill of the chase, and the stakes just got higher with Paddle8. This high-end auction house also calls the internet and app store home, only it specializes in art, design, and now jewelry and watches. Have pieces you don’t wear anymore? Submit photos and details of the jewels via Paddle8’s easy-to-use form, and an expert specialist will provide you with a complimentary auction estimate. When you choose to go ahead and put it up, the item will be placed into auction under a marketing umbrella, be that one with a specific theme, a celebrity curator, etc.; so it’s not being throw in carelessly with hundreds of other pieces that potential buyers would need to sift through. Best of all, the fee is the lowest in the industry at a simple 8%. Then if it doesn’t sell, the jewel is still yours!

There’s also, of course, the buying end of this. One woman’s gilded junk is another’s treasure! Shopping at auction is like a sport for my friend and me. We wait until the last hour, watching our prey, then swoop in during the final 10 minutes with our maximum bid. This way none of the other vultures know you’re watching (you can keep track of the lot with e-mail alerts). Right now, I’ve got my eye on the Midas Touch, a curated collection of gold jewelry available for bid online or on their app now through the 22nd. You can get anything from Tiffany to Hermès, and at decent prices. Paddle 8 focuses on products in the $1,000 – $100,000 market; it’s like a chic version of mass auctions and also a more modern take on classic auction houses. This is luxury shopping made simple. Download the app ASAP!

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