Palter DeLiso: What’s Old is New

Palter DeLiso

One year ago, American-heritage brand Palter DeLiso relaunched after lying dormant for decades. Established as the first luxury shoe company the US in 1927, its initial founders gained fame for their invention of the peep-toe slingback heel (sorry, Loubie lovers!), so to say Palter has some rich history is a bit of an understatement. The revamp may have brushed off the dust, but retro silhouettes remain a mainstay in the line. I have the black satin Ritz ($1,295), accented with a playful use of lace-printed PVC, and even with a platform over 5″, it is still truly the most comfortable evening shoe I’ve ever slipped on. With the brand fast becoming a red carpet favorite amongst celebrities, I’m sure the silver Fiancé ($1,395) will be seen at a few special events too. Topped with an emerald cut crystal (tell your fiancé it’s not just about rings anymore; you need an engagement shoe, as well!), the heel perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the new Palter: ladylike elegance with a modern twist. Available on Palter DeLiso.

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