Papo D’Anjo Plaid and Velvet Suit: Picture Perfect



I love strolling through Lil’ Bergdorf Goodman when I’m in New York City. They have the poshest tot gear on the planet! And recently, I sure found something for that one time of year when I refuse to let my son pick out his clothes: our annual holiday photo session. The other 364 days, he’s free to wear what he likes! But lately, it’s getting more and more difficult to convince him that skinny jeans and anything velvet is “cool.” So I really don’t know how he’s going to react to this velvet and plaid suit seticon from Papo D’Anjo! I’m hoping if I ditch the tie, he just might agree.

Compared to the Ralph Lauren Italian wool blazer he acquiesced to wearing last year, this is actually very reasonably priced. The navy velvet blazer ($190), with its two-button front and notched collar, is versatile enough to dress up or down (as in, wear with jeans). The classic blue plaid wool pants ($170) (and tie ($60)) are a throwback to days of yore, but with a modern twist. Add the very classic white cotton shirt ($65) and the ensemble is pretty fetching. Just hope your boy tot thinks so – at least for a photo shoot!

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