Paris Fashion Week Roundup: Part One

Balenciaga and Nina Ricci show bags from their Spring/Summer 2013 collections in Paris

When it comes to PFW, there is one rule and one rule only (because all the others are sure to be broken as soon as the models are unleashed on the runways): expect the unexpected. As far as Parisians are concerned, the so-called rules don’t apply – which is precisely why I love them so!

Staying true to Alber’s blossoming sexy-pretty aesthetic (Spring brings smoking jackets and kimono influences), Lanvin expanded on the itty-bitty camera bags of last season, this time in sweet-pink shades of python, as well as those geometric bursts of wood. Architectural shoulder bags, in stark shades of black and white, are just the thing for the neo-modern lady. And what’s this? A snake-strap clutch that looks one part seashell, two parts vintage atomizer, sure to be a statement for evening come Spring ’13.

While Balenciaga’s  collection is altogether fabulous (those extreme-asymmetrical, Spanish-ruffle skirts are to die, especially topped with geometric crop-tops), but the ultra-round, top-handle buckets, neutral palette or not, are too much like vanity cases. When it comes to an extreme shape, less is more. Novelty bags should be as tiny as possible, or you just end up looking ridiculous. (As a matter of fact, my son has lunch boxes not unlike the bigger buckets, which come with frost-free, cold-keeping interiors. I’d buy Balenciaga’s if they had the same function – these days, I never leave the house without a veggie smoothie!) Now what I’m really staring at are those plentiful gold rings. A hand’s worth of uniform jewels next spring? Sign me up.

Nina Ricci brought ample layers of flapper fringe, lengthy layered necklaces, and their trademark rouched handbags, but a few standouts popped up in the fishnet-laden party mix: the sleek, slim rectangle clutches for sharpness that amounts to a breath of fresh air. Particularly in smooth bubblegum leather, trimmed with studs! The chain-strap clutches, trimmed with beads and baubles, feel like fun fiesta favors. I’m also really digging the leather hobos, courtesy of sickeningly cool Barbara Bui. Too effortless for words, they exude nonchalance in spades, much like the Bui girl herself, who looks just as easy in head-to-toe leather as she does in gauzy-sheer shirts and low-slung shorts.

The City of Lights is a mixed bag in the truest sense of the expression, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. All I can say now is, what next?!

Barbara Bui and Lanvin show bags from their Spring/Summer 2013 collections in Paris


  1. September 29, 2012 / 1:14 am

    hot stuff! I like the pink little ones, but I guess you have to be careful what you wear it with.

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