Pass the Courvoisier


Post by Michelle

Courvoisier has long been a symbol of luxury and comfort. The cognac company has a wide range of products to their name and now they’re adding fragrance to their empire. On Friday, WWD online reported that Courvoisier is launching their own men’s cologne line. Courvoisier L’edition Imperiale is rumored to be retailing for more than $100 a piece and will be sold at only certain “high end” retailers beginning this spring. I did some internet sleuthing and while I found plenty of press on the fragrance, I can’t seem to find anyone who has actually smelled it! (Only a brand rep calling it “woody, orential and reminiscent of the barrels used to age the cognac”) So I put it to you guys. Any thoughts about what this scent might/actually smell like? We’re assuming (and desperately hoping) that it doesn’t smell like the cognac or what you might smell like after a night drinking it, but we’re dying to know the scoop!

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