Paula Dorf 2+1 Eyebrow Wax

2%3D1brows.jpgSo, I feel like I can be pretty confident in saying that a lot of us have, at one point in our life received a bad eyebrow wax. It’s a tragic and tear-inducing event that usually ends with you trying to convince your hair stylist that you desperately need longish bangs that will cover your eyebrows. The good folks at Paula Dorf have come up with a better fix for you. Their 2+1 is two complementary colors and a lightweight wax that together form a pretty natural looking brow. It comes in three different shades so no matter your hair color, with a little mixing you should be able to find one that matches you. The best part about this is the lightweight wax that comes with it. The wax mixes with the powder and helps it stay firmly put on your eyebrows so it doesn’t rub off anytime your hand or hair gets near them.

paulabrowstencil.jpgFor those of you who are artistically challenged (and trust me, it does take an artist to shape a natural looking brow) there is Dorf’s brow shaping kit. Complete with three stencils (natural, fine or full) and a brow brush, the kit is idiot proof. Use it with the 2+1 powder and nobody will be able to tell that your waxer was taking out all her hidden aggression on your brows!

Available at Sephora.

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