Phi Sequined Bomber: Something to Remember Phi By


Ah, the inner monologue of the fashion die-hard. I’ve had my eye on this forever and now that it’s 80% off, it would be just plain silly not to get it, right? Especially since the label shut down last year, this would be considered a collector’s item, no? There’s my answer! (I have an uncanny knack for justifying my whims. My closet can vouch for that.)

The progressive and much-loved house of Phi (pronounced “fee”) was designed by Andreas Melbostad, formerly of Yves Saint Laurent and Guy Laroche, has been greatly missed, but at least I can take this little piece as a memento…can’t I? After all, Phi is one of the few labels that could pull of a garment like this. Sequined jackets can tread towards the side of tacky at times – I hate to say it, but Grandma Yetta from “The Nanny” might ring a bell. But this informal bomber style, with cropped sleeves in off-kilter hunter green, lends the right edge to let you sparkle, not pierce, night or day. On The Outnet for $605.

Pair with: Leather leggings and a sequined bomber might sound like risky business, but Helmut Lang’s lambskin pair is so subtle and trouser-like, it’s actually the compliment the jacket craves. Think rock star, not “Rock of Love.” At Saks Fifth Avenue for $875.


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