Phoebe Buffay is the Ultimate Fall Style Icon

Friends is one of those shows that just gets better the older you get – and yes, I always wanted to be Rachel. But now that I’m a little older, and a whole lot quirkier, it turns out that I’ve become quite the Phoebe. While I totally relate to her connection to crystals, her wardrobe is what really makes her my late-90s idol.

Phoebe Buffay is the queen of layering. Her jacket collection is outrageously enviable, and her jewelry choices are superb. I might not be able to get behind her Santa Claus maternity pants, but boy, would I give anything to get my hands on her orange faux fur coat. I may have spent my teenage years wishing I was a Rachel and my adult years being labeled a Monica, but this fall I’m totally going to be a Phoebe.


Etro Bristol Embroidered-Cuff Velvet Coat, $3,670


IRO Iro Experience Sechura Jacket, $506

F.R.S FOR RESTLESS SLEEPERS Armonia jacket, $1,165

Le Superbe Amanbaugh Long Wrap Coat, $795





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