Plukka: Pluck it while it’s hot!

Buying fine jewelry online isn’t a new concept. But buying designer fine jewelry online at up to 90% discount from retail price is. Yes you read correctly, 90% off retail! Did that get your attention? Good, because I need you to focus on what I’m about to tell you as it is going to rock your world., brainchild of Joanne Ooi and Jai Waney, is going to be your new obsession. How do I know this? Because I know good jewels when I see it and you will not be able to resist the insanely low prices when you see it. But that’s not all, you can save more money when you get your friends to order– provided they buy the piece before the event deadline. This real time-reverse auction pricing model works like this– you tell all your BFFs when a piece you want is up for auction, the more people who order this piece, the cheaper it will be at the end of the auction (yes this is the opposite of eBay). Get it? And it’s not overstock inventory, it’s inventory that they will manufacture based on the sales. So think of Plukka jewels as custom orders, without the custom pricing.

Speaking of pricing, not sure if you know this but that $1,000 piece of sterling jewelry you bought in the pretty blue box? It cost a mere $32 to make. When Ooi discovered that designer brands mark up jewelry up to 30 times, she decided it was time to get in the game and offer edgy designer jewels at close to cost (yippee for us!).

So, are you ready to order your first piece of Plukka? The current bling up for grabs is this fabulous 26 carat blue topaz ring encased in 18k gold and diamonds. The price is now at $950 (suggested retail is $3,500) but if you get a few of your besties to order, it can eventually be dropped to $750. See, sharing is not only caring, it’s saving!

Check out the current Plukka auction here.

Read the WWD article on Plukka here.

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