Poop tablets are a thing and they’re amazing

I’m going to blame this one on my husband. When Plop Star‘s founder appeared on Shark Tank the sharks didn’t seem to get it, including the men. I was shocked. While I have to be diligent about hitting 35 grams of fiber a day to keep my digestion flowing, men seem to have no problem keeping the flow no matter what they eat – quite the opposite (at least judging by what I hear from my husband and his friends). This is an issue because when you work long hours in an office you don’t want to leave your mark (even tough Mark said otherwise…ew). It’s of course also an issue for women, especially when they first start dating a new guy. Plop Star is a genius product (and their branding is amazing) because you can just put the tablet in your wallet and when you feel something bubbling just pop it in the toilet. It’s a lot more portable than Poo-Pourri, which is a spray bottle (it basically looks like a condom when wrapped). I’m assuming the sharks regret not investing now as the website near immediately sold out of their product!

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