Pop Quiz Winner – Sponsored by “Boots”


Congratulations to j (Jessica L) for guessing these scabby legs belong to none other than Nicole Richie! You won the much coveted “Restore and Renew” Beauty Serum From Boots!

As seen on the Today show yesterday, this serum caused a serious frenzy in the UK (UK version called “Protect and Perfect” Beauty Serum, the only difference is a slight molecular variation due to FDA regulations) after a BBC news program aired, reporting on proof that this product truly prevents and repairs the signs of aging.

Thanks for participating everyone and a big thank you to Boots for sponsoring this giveaway! Grab your bottle of the “Restore and Renew” serum at your local Target or CVS before it sells out!

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  1. jess
    June 12, 2007 / 9:04 pm

    Ah, my obsessive reading of beauty blogs finally pays off! thanks!

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