Tina’s 3 day Blue Print Cleanse: Post Fashion Week Must!


Let me be completely honest here, I do not sleep or eat well during fashion week (I run on adrenaline and lots of sugary treats!).  This is why I usually crash and burn when I land home– it takes me a week just to get over my week but this time it only took 3 days to feel human with help from Blue Print Cleanse.

I was offered a challenge from Blue Print to do a 3 day juice cleanse immediately upon my arrival back to Dallas from NYFW and it sounded like a great idea at the time so I accepted.  I’ve done the 2 day cleanse several times and loved it, but I don’t know why I thought I’d be able to do a 3 day the day after Fashion Week!  On day one I was starving, it was an intense and all consuming hunger that I didn’t experience with my previous BP cleanses (probably due to exhaustion from NYFW?).  I drank all of my juices by dinnertime and I couldn’t take it anymore– I had to nibble on something.  Luckily BP Cleanse has a cheat sheet of approved foods so I chopped up cucumbers and a few celery sticks and munched on that while my hubby and son ate Chinese take out.  I went to bed early and called it a day.  

The second day was slightly easier.  I remembered that heating the juices for 30 seconds on the stove made them taste like soups so I did for the first juice– a green veggie juice concoction that I love.  The second juice of each day is a Pineapple/Green Apple/Mint juice that I was dying to make into a martini.  It provided the energy I needed to run 4 miles and then hit a yoga class afterwards.  When I came out of the gym I felt like Wonder Woman!  I drank the 3rd juice for lunch, another green concoction that I love– I don’t have a problem with the veggie juices, they really taste good.  Hunger didn’t strike until mid afternoon so I downed the lemonade with cayenne pepper and agave nectar (sooooo good!).  This is also when I realized that I had dinner plans that evening (being Friday night and all!) with a friend and my hubby.  So rather than cancel on everyone and being a party pooper, I brought my 6th juice (Cashew milk with cinnamon) with me. 

At the restaurant, I asked the server to pour it into a large wine glass and I sipped on it all night along with a few sticks of celery and was surprisingly not tempted by anything everyone else at the table ate (hubby had ribeye and had the nerve to ask me if I wanted a bite)!  Well, truth be known, I felt very smug in my “I’m cleansing and holier than thou” attitude when everyone marveled at my will power– but by dessert time I had to excuse myself.  It was just too much to handle!  But alas, day 2 was over and I slept a solid 9 hours.

Day 3 was by far the easiest of the cleanse.  I was still hungry but it didn’t consume me.  And I was remarkably alert– I worked even though it was Saturday and  I worked out again (another 4 mile run) plus did my errands.  By dinner time though, I was tired but not as hungry as the previous two days and didn’t even need my celery sticks.  Hubby brought home food for him and the boy and they ate while I drank my last juice.  I was, however, slightly irritated by the sound of them chewing food.  I guess it’s safe to say that I was very grumpy.  But I was super proud that I made it without giving into temptations over the weekend.  

The next day, I had fruit for breakfast to ease back into solids as they suggested.  A spinach salad with shrimp at lunch and escargot and greens for dinner.  I still felt great and had no urges for wine or anything sugary (that came a few days later along with a spell of PMS).  All in all, it was the best way to recover from Fashion Week and I think I will make it my ritual every season! 

If you are thinking of doing a Blue Print cleanse I advise you to do it during the week, weekends are tough to stay on track!  They offer ice packs and cooler bags so you can take the juices to work or wherever you’re headed.

Check out Blue Print Cleanse here.  And jump to read my interview with a medical doctor about the benefits of juice cleanses!

Doctors Q & A

So, I felt amazing on the Blue Print Cleanse and lost 2 pounds (that I gained back immediately) but– does juice cleansing have real valid health benefits? I decided to interview Dr. Kendrick MD in Los Angeles to get his expert opinions.

Beauty Snob: What do you think of Juice cleanses? Do our body organs really need to cleanse? Or do the kidneys/liver do that for us?

Dr. Kendrick: Body organ cleansing via foods doesn’t exist in western medicine. Your liver is the major detox organ.

Beauty Snob: But what if your liver is compromised from too much champagne and needs to detox? Can a cleanse help?

Dr. Kendrick:  Well, no food/juice cleanse can perform the same detox of all the biochemical pathways like our liver. And the term cleansing is not the same as detoxification.

Beauty Snob: I see. But do you think our digestive systems need the break as they claim?

Dr. Kendrick: Well, vegetables juice are great because of all the anti-oxidants. And it’s a good idea to replace McDonald with these juice drinks, but not other healthy solid foods– at least not long term. And yes, there is the benefit of giving your digestive tract a rest from breaking down fats but I’ll need to know more about the juice cleanse you are referring to before forming further opinions.

Beauty Snob: Blue Print Cleanse is a juice cleanse that you do for 1-7 days at a time. There’s a lot of spinach, kale, celery, pineapple, green apple, & lemons in the juices plus a cashew milk at end.  There are 6 bottles of juices per day at around 24oz each bottle. About 1100-1200 calories a day.

Dr. Kendrick: That sounds fine as long as you don’t use it as meal replacement for a long period of time.

Beauty Snob: Does your body become more efficient at digesting fats if you give it a break?

Dr. Kendrick: Fat metabolism has nothing to do with your colon. I don’t believe there are proven medical benefits from juice cleanses. But we do know drinking vegetables juice is good for us!

Beauty Snob: How many days is it “safe” to be on Blue Print cleanse?   Up to 5 days?

Dr Kendrick: 1-5 days seem reasonable.

Beauty Snob: So juicing as supplements and part of a balanced (solid food) diet is better for the long term?  

Dr. Kendrick: Absolutely. Juices don’t provide you with all those fibers and amino acids from solid foods.

Beauty Snob: Ahhhh. Good point. Is cleansing for 1-5 days monthly ok?

Dr. Kendrick: Yes, doing a juice cleanse for a few days once a month should be ok.



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  2. Becky S
    April 29, 2013 / 10:06 pm

    Yes! I just read this and it was very helpful. It’s not crap at all! I can’t afford to order the blueprint cleanse, but I am able to buy it in my local organic market sometimes. This post helped me learn what some of the cheat foods are. The company doesn’t publish this information anywhere online. Blueprint juice makes my digestive system feel so good!

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