Prada Candy: I Want Candy!

There are people who don’t like to smell like food, and I can relate if it’s, say, a rib eye steak scent, but candy?!  Bring it on! I recently tested Prada Candy at their counter and literally stood there drooling. I ended up only getting the body scrub since it’s not quite as strong as the perfume or lotions. I love the scent, but in moderation (I don’t need my seven-year old licking my arm the way my puppy does!). However, if you want to tempt your Valentine, I highly suggest the body cream. Its scent is intoxicatingly sweet, not to mention it makes your skin velvety soft.

Eau de Parfum, Body Scrub, Shower Gel, and Body Lotion available at Neiman Marcus.

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