Prada Leather Fringe Shoulder Bag: Fringe Day

Prada Leather Fringe Shoulder Bag

Ahhh, Wednesdays! AKA “Hump Day,” or as some like to call it, “WTF Day.” Instead, I prefer to sidetrack myself from the weekly grind (and the rut that comes with it) and think of Wednesday as my favorite day of the week to indulge in a new favorite bag. Nothing helps like scoring something to perk up the week, giving you the push you need to get to Friday.

This season for me, it’s a fringe bag. But not just any fringe bag. By far, the best of the shaggy bunch is from Prada. Prada has always done the best fringes, never sacrificing craftsmanship and always showing a keen degree of restraint. Eliminating the trend factor, Miuccia has managed to make the detail a timeless element for the brand, and with on-point steel hardware and bluntly cut, razor-sharp fringe her structured shoulder bag is no exception.

I went with Viola, the loveliest shade of purple, but Ink Blue also packs the wow factor. And of course, if you’re less flamboyant, black is a nice subtle nod to the biggest trend of the season. Prada leather fringe shoulder bag available at Prada for $1,995.

Pair with: I prefer to go a bit more streamlined when I’m wearing any element of fringe. Isabel Marant’s Sandy wrap-effect mini-dress has a lean silhouette, while the geometric Greek pattern has a hint of earthiness that feels apropos. On NET-A-PORTERicon for $860.

Prada Leather Fringe Shoulder Bag

Prada Leather Fringe Shoulder Bag

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