Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag: Double Shot

Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag

I don’t usually recommend fixing what isn’t broken, but the execution of the new Double (pronounced “dooblay”) bag is nothing short of pure Prada perfection. Now my go-to daily tote is better than ever with an updated look as sumptuous as it is chic. Thanks to the marshmallow cream and caramel version, I’m salivating as I write this, dreaming of my favorite salted caramel sundae that’s totally verboten on my January health kick. But not to fret,  I’ll be back to eating steak et frites and cupcakes by February, until then– the bag will satiate my craving!

As per usual, the spotlight is on Prada’s iconic saffiano leather, but this time they’ve upped the ante, without having to inject clownish colors or furry monsters into the equation (ps- no small feat in today’s social media crazed world). The dual color combinations – of Marmo and Caramel, Talco and Caramel, and Caramel and Marmo, to be specific, aren’t just subtle. They take the simple and timeless style and elevate it into territory any Snob would covet. The contrasting tones on the handles and tags? Flawless. Sign. Me. Up! Available at Prada in mid-February for $2,780.

Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag

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  1. Joanne
    January 29, 2016 / 12:00 am

    absolutely love this two tone look on the Double! I have one and it’s my favorite!

    Joanne from Santa Monica

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