Golden Season

prada gold paillette bag.jpgVBH ostrich.jpg

(Left- Prada gold paillette. Right-VBH Vagabond in oxidized gold ostrich)

This season’s gorgeous golden hues are absolutely fabulous and Prada’s dainty gold pailette bag and VBH’s gold ostrich are two of the best. For those of you aspiring bag snobs who have not heard of VBH, it’s time to get a subscription to WWD. An Italian luxury leather goods company helmed by designer V. Bruce Hoeksema, it is the bag of choice for trend setting stylists to the stars. This shimmering gold ostrich Vagabond bag will be the next acqusition for the Bag Snob’s collection! VBH sold at Bergdorf Goodman 212-872-2636. Prada available at Prada stores worldwide 212-334-888.

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  1. Melanie
    May 1, 2006 / 8:16 am

    So, I thought my search for the perfect travel bag had ended. I was in Barneys in Georgetown last week, and bought this. They had the silvery color and the blue, but the blue is ugly.

    It has everything I need, plus I will be able to slide my new Panasonic laptop into it whenever it arrives.

    What it doesn’t show or mention is above the shown zipper compartment is also a magnetic snap, which holds magazines.

    The MAJOR downfall was color transference. I carried it on Saturday, and my jeans rubbed blue all over the back side.

    I just walked in the door and after a 21 hour trip was thrilled to take Woolite to it to try and clean it up. Never came off of the seams though.

    It isn’t bad now, and I know it will get dirty again, and I saw on Neiman’s web site they have it in a distressed brown leather, that I might have to invest in as well.

    Took the Blue Edith with me, and it doesn’t cut it on international travel.

    BUT, loved having it in Chicago and DC. The color wasn’t available, and the size was a novelty. Had three women offer to buy it off of me.

    Was glad to catch up on the bag snob, I missed a whole week of postings.


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