Prada Spring ’07


Miuccia is by far one of the most amazing designers of our time. She is unapologetic when it comes to fashion and her off beat sense of creativity which may be hard for some to accept but I love it! I think it’s fabulous that she chose bright juicy colors for spring instead of the ubiquitous beige and white everyone else showed. I also loved all the billowing silk tops, so what if she showed them bottomless, she said she didn’t like any of the pants and skirts she’d designed with them!(and what, the thick schlacked colorless faces on the models were okay? A quick swipe of lipstick would have been nice). Come spring, I’ll be wearing the tops with a pair of loose trousers belted tightly a la Coco with a pile of jeweled bangles. But there were a few sketchy items as my bag snob partner pointed out, the fringe dresses were not in the best of taste to say the least but I’m sure there will be more than a few Cattle Baron princesses wearing them to next year’s ball. A few years ago I probably would have hated the collection for it’s lack of traditional form as much as my bag snob partner does but I feel like I am seeing clothes differently these days. Perhaps it’s shopping overload but I am just so bored with everything out there right now! I love Elber Albaz for the same reason. I mean the classics are great, Oscar and Carolina can always be counted on to deliver pretty-pretty but sometimes I just want something a little more creative and Miuccia delivers it, EVERY time.


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  1. rc
    October 4, 2006 / 11:53 pm

    That chick’s makeup is making me shiver.

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