Prada’s Fluo Collection: Too Cool for School

Prada’s entitled ‘Fluo’ bag line is obviously short for ‘fluorescent’. Although obvious when you’re looking at the bags, it didn’t immediately click to me and I was still like, “What the hell is a fluo?” I never claimed I was bright, though (sorry!). As you can see, the bags are in varying shades that you’d easily find in a pack of bright fluoro highlighters at your office supply store.

Prada probably didn’t want me to think back to my school studying days but that’s exactly what sprung to mind, and that was agesss ago. So thanks for making me feel old, Prada.

Speaking of old, have you ever seen gran or gramps wearing fluoro anything? That’s because fluoro works best on anything that requires a frenetic burst of energy, which is what you’d typically see people wearing while exercising or doing a sports-related activity. There are exceptions of course (like bikinis), but that’s generally how global brands dabble with these colours.

Prada is no different. They adapted these vivid technicolours in exactly the way I think it should be embraced on luxury bags. It’s sporty, it’s young, it’s cool and it makes use of Prada’s history with nylon. You can find simple backpacks and fanny packs that wouldn’t look astray on the Hadid’s and Jenner’s of the world, for example. Also, nylon fabric is so appealing for minimum fuss as you go about your day.

If I’m being completely honest, it’s a bit too cool for me – the closest thing I ever came to cool was listening to rap, and rappers are intrinsically cool, right? If you’re like me, Prada also includes a black padded tote (med and large), but without losing any of the athletic tones. Shop some of the pieces below.


PRADA Nylon backpack, $1,220




PRADA Fluo Shopper, $1,350.00


PRADA Fluo clutch, $850


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