Prescriptives Spring 2009 Preview

of=50,442,442.jpgBeauty Snob Tina recently wrote about the Holiday Prescriptives line in stores Nov. 1st  and it’s def worth checking-out. I was able to try-out some of the Holiday products and I love their new glosses — non-sticky and long-lasting as usual, with just a touch of shine — I especially love the Rose shade. Looking forward however, I previewed their Spring 2009 collection today and it was faaab. It’s all about customization and giving the customer what is right for their individual needs. My favorite thing that they’re offering is Custom Blend Lip Gloss and what it is, is a gloss created especially to your specifications using a vast array of base shades, color extenders, pearls, and finishes…flavors too: Tropical, Latte, Melon, Bellini, Berry, Meringue, Cocoa, Icy Mint and Vanilla. There’s literally everything from a barely there pink (that’s me!), to a deep mocha with a high gloss finish –the possibilities are endless! A package redesign is coming in March 2009, but you can get your own now for $26 at select beauty counters or online here


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  1. Lucia Vallejo
    November 30, 2008 / 7:24 pm

    Do you have a picture of Prescriptives Spring 2009 Color Collection? When you get it, can you post it on your website. Thank you.


    Dallas, Texas

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