Pretty in Pink Leather: Barbie Girls

Perfect Pink Leather

I love pink, I love leather, and yet I’d never been able to find the pink leather of my dreams…until I saw Jamie Chung in J Brand’s Aiah jacket at Coachella, that is! The hibiscus hue is perfect, so of course it’s sold out. This has sent me into search mode for the past couple days, looking for more delicious, bubble gum pink. Just make sure not to wear it head-to-toe. The look is ‘80s-inspired, but this is not the ‘80s and we are not Angelyne.

Roland Mouret Leather and Suede Pumps:icon If you can’t tell from the white leather, hot pink, and pointed toe, these shoes are part of a collection inspired by ‘80s club kids. Roland turned down the brightness with suede, rather than craft them from smooth, gleaming leather. On NET-A-PORTER for $820.

J Brand Aiah Leather Jacket:icon They pull of this color by using it on a classic moto jacket. Add yourself to the waitlist so we can get J Brand to put more of these out! At J Brand for $1,195.

J Brand L8035 Cropped Mid-Rise Stretch Leather Pants:icon I really can’t imagine a better summer pant. It’s part Barbie, part Sandy in Grease, and yet they’re not at all cheesy. On NET-A-PORTER for $895.

J Brand Eberhardt Leather Vest:icon Yeah, J Brand has the pink leather market cornered. This is perfect if you’re not ready to commit to sleeves (or you don’t want to risk them not restocking the Aiah jacket!). At J Brand for $895.

Mulberry The Willow Small Leather Tote:icon This is the day-to-night bag done right. Carry the tote to work, them remove the front pocket and carry it as a clutch to Happy Hour. On NET-A-PORTER for $2,100.

Perfect Pink Leather

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