Preview of Natori Essentials


Last week I was invited to an event hosted by Josie Natori at her Park Avenue home to preview her new Natori Essentials collection. It was a beautiful cocktail party complete with champagne and pork buns! Natori looks amazing for her age (she started Natori in 1977, but she could easily pass for 15 years younger than she is, especially given her slender physique). The entrepreneur is wonderfully gracious (the best line of the night — “Everyone needs champagne in the Natori house!”), and her wide array of talents are nothing short of jaw-droopingly impressive. Besides being the CEO of a fashion empire, she is a concert pianist (she played a number of songs at the event), and was the first female Vice President in Investment Banking years ago when she worked at Merrill Lynch. Savvy and chic! We were also able to get a peak into Natori’s closet (no photos were allowed though!), which while it may not be as huge as one might expect, was so meticulously well organized that it motivated me to do some cleaning when I got home (my clothes — spread across four closets: two wall-to-wall ones in my apartment, one in my parents’ apartment, and one in Southampton — are a jumbled mess!). 

As for the collection, I couldn’t think of a more apt name than Natori Essentials. The looks are all black, made with sumptuous fabrics, offered at affordable price points and perfect for everyday day-to-night pieces for the busy woman on the go. Check-out more from Natori here!

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