puffers worth obsessing about

Puffers make most people look like wobbling penguins, but luckily given the insanely cold weather in NYC this year, there are a number of ones that I’ve found to be actually flattering. I’m obsessed with the Alala one above, which I bought two years ago and is still for sale. At $365 it’s very well priced compared to most contemporary designer ones. It has hand covers and a cozy hood, which make for nice touches, especially for those of us who type on our phones while walking. I get a ton of complements on it and actually think it looks more expensive than it is.

I’m completely obsessed with Saks Potts. She has a rainbow colored puffer I was eyeing for awhile and unfortunately I waited too long and now can no longer find it in my size. There are still monochromatic and patterned ones left, however. The downside is that they don’t have a hood

Bacon is another cool brand. They actually specialize in puffers. They too don’t come with hoods, but they do come in an array of neon shades which I am currently obsessed with. Maybe it’s because I’ve been feeling those cold weather blues, but I’m finding myself drawn to winter brights.

Lastly, I have to single out this packable puffer from FP Movement. I’ve been using it as I wrap up my outdoor runs and am absolutely obsessed. At just under $150 it’s a great price-point and the convenience is unbeatable. Plus, it will make a good every day jacket come fall and comes in both neutral and bright shades (at a more affordable price than Bacon).

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