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One of the most inspiring moms I know is my dear friend, Shannon Hori (CBS Evening news anchor in Miami!).  Shannon gave birth to beautiful twin boys, Colt and Cade, last year and was told that Colt had to undergo immediate open heart surgery for a rare heart defect.  Imagine watching your newborn suffer (including having a cardiac arrest in your arms!) yet feeling utterly helpless– but through it all, Shannon remained strong.  Her baby boy (now perfectly healthy!) endured in his first few months more than anyone should have to in a lifetime and I believe he made it through because of Shannon’s unbreakable faith and love.  Shannon’s positive outlook on life has touched her friends as well.  When we first met (at a wedding 5 years ago, I’d just given birth and was feeling fat and tired.  Of course the most gorgeous woman in the room decides to sit next to me!  Luckily she was also the nicest woman in the room and we’ve been close friends ever since.) I’d complain about missing my friends in LA and wanting to leave Texas.  She’d always tell me “You can not think like this or you will never be happy.  You have to change your attitude and choose to be happy regardless of where you live!”.  Wise words that I still adhere to today– I miss you, my friend! 

I am excited to introduce you all to Shannon.  Read on for her tips on rearing twins!  

Mornings are tough for moms. Do you have any tips or advice on how to look put together with no time to spare?

9-month old twin boys leave their mark – under my eyes. I have huge, dark circles. The one thing I try to put on before leaving the house is concealer. And if I can manage to run a brush through my hair too – then it’s a great day. I feel very lucky that I get my make-up professionally done every day before I go on the air to anchor the news at 5 p.m. (a couple of times I’ve even fallen asleep during the application.)

Do you have efficient and tantrum free travel ideas? Special gadgets, toys or treats?

When we travel in the car the boys have constant entertainment in the form of a live person. When I’m driving, our nanny sits in the back and talks and sings to the boys. When my husband drives, I’m in the back with them (and I can put on quite a show.) I wonder when I’ll actually sit in the front seat next to my husband again?

How do you pamper yourself after a long week?

A big glass of red wine and a couple of shows on tivo.

What do you think is important to teach your children?

To always look on the bright side of life and be kind to others.

What is the most important lesson you learned from your own mother?

To always be kind to others.

What can you not live without, no matter what it cost, you will sell your left arm for it if you have to?

My boys – and the smiles they give us in the mornings.

It is 6pm and you have nothing planned for dinner. What is your emergency recipe you can whip up in 30 minutes or less?

Chicken (who doesn’t have that in their freezer)? And two amazing

inventions – the mashed potatoes that you just put in the microwave and

the green beans in the bag that you steam in the microwave. Dinner is


Confession Time. What have you done to cut corners, save time, save sanity, just had no time or because you were simply lazy?

Since I’m a first-time Mom I have been going pretty much “by the

book.” I did think that I would be dressing the boys up much more than

I am. But we’re a “onesie” household. And since we live in hot Florida

– we can keep this up for a while longer.


  1. sara
    October 6, 2009 / 5:22 pm

    thank you for sharing. i can’t even imagine..

  2. Stoich91
    October 6, 2009 / 6:06 pm

    Beautiful post! Really inspiring, and hey, is it just me, or does each interviewed mommy have a Nanny, or something, on Totsnob? 🙂 I guess that’s what you get with a Tot-snobby site! 🙂 LOL Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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