Rafe Snakeskin Clutch


I found the most delicious cheap thrill today online from Rafe.com, it has all the elements of a great clutch but best of all, it is dirt cheap! The Sutton Place snakeskin clutch from Rafe is $150 and one of those deals you absolutely can not pass up. Rafe has been a line that I’ve avoided for years, being such a snob and all but mostly because I have never found their bags appealing whatsoever. After seeing this adorably chic clutch in multiple hued snakeskins however, I can no longer resist! 8″x5″ is the perfect size to wrap your hands around and it has a hidden chain so you can slip it on your shoulders should you need your hands free. There is also a card slot interior pocket and snap flap closure.

Filipino Designer Rafe (pronounced Rah-fee) Totengo is the visionary behind this hugely successful bag line, he left a thriving business in Manila to pursue his dreams of design in New York city back in 1994 and has never looked back. You must check out the Rafe website for more online shopping thrills!

As requested by our readers, we present “The Daily Snob Poll” so you can decided if the bags are snob worthy or not! We also like reading your comments so keep them coming!


  1. Cristy
    June 1, 2007 / 8:23 pm

    LOVE this clutch!!!!! Bravo Rafe! MABUHAY!!!

  2. Jenny
    June 2, 2007 / 8:17 am

    Love the bags! Love the price even more! But I hate the croc. skin.

  3. erica
    June 2, 2007 / 1:42 pm

    What a beautiful clutch. More cheap and chic items please, Bag Snob!!

  4. Lydia C.
    June 2, 2007 / 6:36 pm

    They have Rafe bags at target too… even cheaper.

  5. anonymous
    June 3, 2007 / 1:15 am

    his blog is rafenewyork.blogspot.com.

  6. Catherine
    June 3, 2007 / 6:43 pm

    This bag could make even a buget fashionista weep with joy. Thanks for the turn on!This blog rocks.

  7. Merit
    June 4, 2007 / 2:53 am

    I checked on the website, and found there another version of these snakeskin clutches that was quite nice in fact, with a wooden ball that makes it a little different. The one presented here is more suitable for petite women, as it is quite tiny. And such dwarflike ladies shoul also have miniature wallets and stuff to fill the purse with.

  8. Anonymous
    August 18, 2007 / 11:59 am

    does anyone know where I can purchase this clutch in black? I checked the rafe website and they are all sold out of the black.

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