Ready-to-eat food products you don’t need to feel guilty about

In an ideal world none of us would feel guilt around food, but the truth is many of us do to varying degrees. I would love to happily eat mostly vegetables and other wholesome high-fiber foods and lean protein, but that just isn’t feasible for every meal, every day. Some days it’s a craving issues, some days it’s a convenience issue. In quarantine time, one thing is for sure, being home all day means a lot more temptations. Here’s a look at some ready-to-eat options that actually pack in nutritional value. Note, I’m not saying these are as good as a plate full of greens, but if you’re going to reach for packaged goods, these are standouts both in terms of ingredients and taste.

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I have a huge sweet tooth. There’s no beating Lily’s Sweets stevia-sweetened, non-GMO, fair trade chocolates.  They also make chocolate chips that I use in almost anything I bake (see picture above where they were used for Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Blondies).

When I’m looking for something a bit more flavorful and don’t plan on baking, Good Source is a go-to. Their chocolate clusters are made only with real ingredients and actually pack in both fiber and protein.

I’m a GG girl – not because they taste good, obviously, but because I rely on them to make sure I check my goal of 35g of fiber a day. With my IVF/pregnancy however there have been days I can’t motivate to chow down on GGs. Those days I’ll usually reach for Simple Mills crackers. They’re high in carbs and not high in  fiber, but they’re made with clean ingredients so I can eat them knowing that I’m not loading my body with junk – for example, for freshness, they use rosemary extract. Love topping these with avocado.

Ezekiel bread is another great option for when I can’t motivate to eat GG crackers. As far as actual bread goes, I have yet to find a cleaner option on a supermarket shelf and they have endless choices. Most of the time I eat the bread plain – it’s that good!! Especially any of their cinnamon/raisin ones… I really have to portion it out or I could eat the whole loaf.

I’m not Keto (I’m an F-Factor fanatic as evidenced by my penchant for GG crackers), but I love everything from Keto-focused brand Real Phat Foods, especially their sugar-free pumpkin phat bread. As you can probably tell from the image, it’s more of a cake than a bread. All ingredients are recognizable – no icky fillers.

The issue with most ready-to-eat soups is that they’re filled with chemicals and preservatives and a ton of salt. Proper Good has none of the questionable ingredients. Their soups are flavorful, made only with recognizable ingredients, and nutrient-rich. They’re not low in sodium, but a lot lower than most other options on the market.

Again I’m not Keto, but I love this cereal from High Key because it’s packed with protein and it’s 0 net carbs! That said it’s made with allulose and erythritol (that’s how they get that 0 net carb number), which might cause bloating and digestive issues for some people so start with a small bowl if you’re not used to these.

Lastly, I’ve been really into Splendid Spoon to cut down on supermarket trips and cooking. While you might think of them as a soup company, they actually have expanded their offering to include a ton of bowls and smoothies.

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