Ready to Wear As comfortable as athleisure

I’m obsessed with how comfortable the above Athleta dress is ($128). I’m in the middle of yet another round of IVF and the meds make you bloat (my first round I had something called OHSS, which basically results in your belly looking 5 months pregnant for a week). I’ve had fit issues with Athleta in the past (mostly because I found their sizing inconsistent – some run big and some small), but this dress is true to size and both feels and looks great. It can easily be dressed up or down with accessories and comes in a few different colors. You can’t tell from the image above but the dress also has different textures which adds to the RTW feel.

For more comfortable options from jeans to dresses, see standouts below!

There’s a reason the women pictured above can smile while sitting like this … Revtown ($79) makes the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever slipped into – even tight-fit skinny styles are easy to move in. I literally have no feat wearing these to dinner, even when I know I’ll be eating a lot (think Thanksgiving). They make styles for men as well (even men with extra belly weight will love them).

Alala is always coming out with new bodysuits, this one ($125) is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen and it looks great with black slim fit jeans. Just make sure to HAND-WASH! I had the coordinating leggings and bra and ruined them because I put them in the washing machine (even on cold, hand wash cycle in a Miele machine). So don’t listen to the label which says that you can machine wash.

The founder of Twenty comes from a family in the fabric business, which explains how all of the brand’s RTW feels as great as it does. I love this midi dress for every day wear ($175).

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