REBAG: Handbag Heaven In SoHo

I recently hosted a holiday party at Rebag‘s newly opened pop up shop in Soho and was so impressed with the beautiful space full of luxury bags! From wall to wall rainbow hued birkins to the latest Gucci bag- this is literally handbag heaven. It is the luxury online resale site’s first brick and mortar and I doubt it’ll be the last judging by the hundreds of bag loving snobs who attended on the coldest night of the year in NYC.

Rebag’s pop up shop is quite brilliant actually, many of us (myself included!) like to touch and feel expensive bags before committing to buy. Especially if is a difficult to find bag color or style- you want to make sure you’re not buying anything less than perfect. Plus, seeing the bags in person allows us instant gratification!

So, if you’re looking for that a special bag for yourself or your significant other for Christmas or Hanukkah gift- stop by 390 W Broadway and shop to your hearts content! If you don’t live near New York City, you can check out the well curated inventory of bags at

Did I mention Rebag also BUYS your old bags?! They pay cash upfront at very fair prices– if you value your time and convenience, this is the service for you!

Shopping is a never ending cycle, so why fight it? Sell the bags you no longer carry and pick up a new love for the new year!

Alexander Assouline, of Assouline Books

Sarah Arison, President of Young Arts

Logan Horne and Michael Phelan

Post in partnership with Rebag

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